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History of the Colon Hydroterapy

Water has been used therapeutically since prehistory. Man observed that sick animals would visit hot springs, different from the ones they typically drank from, and leave in better condition.

During this time period, illness was considered divine punishment and healing was a means of purification. Primitive man believed that the people who fell ill had lost favor with the gods and that in order to recover their health, they needed to cleanse and purify the internal body. In fact, the word "pharmacy", which originated from the Greek word "pharmakon", means "purification through purging".

In the year 3500 AC in the Tigris and Euphrates Valleys, the Sumerians had already developed methods similar to the ones used today: gargling, respiratory inhalations, suppositories, enemas, infusions, pills, lotions, etc.

The writings on the Dead Sea Scrolls also provide evidence for the use of enemas during the prehistoric era. Enemas were practiced using an empty cup or empty pumpkin to facilitate the flow of water into the rectum.

Also, the Ebers Papyrus dating from 1500 AC contain references to the washing of the colon as a practice of good hygiene. Colon cleansing is described as the release of liquid substances in the "grand intestine" through the anus.

Hippocrates (Fourth and Fifth Centuries AD) recommend enemas to eliminate fever.

Galileo (Second Century AD) was also a proponent of the use of enemas.

Corte, in the year 1600 AD, developed the first distinction between colon irrigation and enema therapy, two popular methods used during this time period.

At the end of the 17th Century, Doctors Sigmund and Johann Han, defended hydrotherapy as a method to eliminate waste and as a preventive measure to avoid disease.

The words of Dr. Waddington express the many benefits of colon hydrotherapy: "the malfunction of the intestine is the precursor of many diseases, especially chronic diseases. The physiological restoration of intestinal elimination is often the most important prior benefit to the eventual restoration of general health."

Colon hydrotherapy is a hygienic technique that is beneficial to all people looking to improve their health. However, as colon hydrotherapy is not intended to treat or cure any pathological disease, it should never be used as a complete replacement for medical treatment if you suffer from any disease.


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