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The most immediate benefits of colon hydrotherapy felt at the end of each session include feeling a profound state of peace, relaxation and wellness. Over time, organic waste material accumulates in the colon, adhering to the walls, folds and creases of the intestine. This toxic waste can stick around and re-enter the bloodstream, pollute your body and contribute to health disorders. Even if you experience a daily bowel movement, the evacuation of years of accumulated waste will immediately increase the oxygen levels in your body and leave you feeling cleaner, lighter, and healthier.

This new method of hygiene is based in the philosophy that maintaining optimal intestinal health allows for good bacteria to flourish in the gut and the body to stay in biological equilibrium. Consequently, it is fundamental to establish healthy eating habits and to eat a diet rich in prebiotic fiber, including all types of fresh fruits and vegetables into your daily nutrition. This type of diet provides nutrients fundamental to maintaining biological equilibrium and one’s overall wellbeing.

Efectos de la carga tóxica


Our colon plays an important role in regulating the body and maintaining equilibrium by elimination of waste and toxic matter.

Nutrients are absorbed into the blood through the intestines and then carried throughout the entire body. The quality of the blood will be reflected in the overall health of the organism. For this reason, proper nutrition is imperative to keep the colon, liver and kidneys in optimal condition.

A colon that cannot properly absorb nutrients, will not be able to provide the body with adequate nutrition. Over-burdened by toxins, the colon will not able to separate waste from nutrients and the body will not receive the nutrition it needs to operate properly. The entire organism will become toxic, resulting in illnesses, diseases and other symptoms of health imbalances.

The colon provides a reflection of the state of health of the organs and systems of the body. Accumulated organic waste and toxic material in the intestine creates conditions for the development of bad bacteria and bodily equilibrium causing the immune system to work on overdrive and the entire organism to suffer.

Therefore, if you suffer from constipation, take a look at where you can improve your diet, clean your colon, and your body will surely appreciate it.


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