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popular celebrities colon hydrotherapy

We would like to thank Raquel Del Rosario, the singer in the group Sueño de Morfeo, for referencing us in her blog, recommending our website, as the site for information about colon hydrotherapy. Furthermore, we would like to extend our appreciation to all of the many celebrities who visit us. To all of you, thank you for loyalty and confidence in our work.


Colon Hydrotherapy helps our wellbeing and promotes longevity through the process of detoxification, therefore it is fair to say that when your body is clean on the inside, the outside of your body will look younger, healthier and more vital.

We live in a society of growing awareness regarding health issues in the interest of being and feeling much better, including diet, physical exercice and inward cleansing. The ultimate aim in life is to stop the aging process, and the most ancient “anti-aging” process is COLON HYDROTHERAPY, very popular among many celebrities (Dave Navarro, Rebecca Romain-Stamos, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Basinger, Gwyneth Paltrow, Goldie Hawn, Demi Moore, Naomi campbell, Petra Nemcova o Janet Jackson).

Those celebs and other thousands of media personalities in the entire world understand that is unhealthy for our bodies to absorb preservatives, artifitial colourings and synthetic chemicals added to many foods and drinks we daily intake, the polluted air we breathe, and the petroleum-based chemicals used on most of the cosmethic and cleansing products we use without knowing.

Furthermore, the assimilation of nutrients (vital) and the detoxification of blood, inmune system and liver, becomes more and more difficult to take place if we allow feaces to build up and get stored on the walls of the large intestine.

Many celebs advocate for this far-reaching and healthy modality, including Princess Diana, Demi Moore, Janet Jackson, Mae West, John Lennon, James Coburn and many more, and who, just like all of them, have also discovered its advantages.

For those who have had to maintain and extend their youth and beauty, either for professional needs or because of conscience reasons, this has been a philosophy of life very commonly practiced. And now that it is recoverying its way again among a large crowd of people, the benefits of this hygiene technique manifest with clear evidence based exclusively on the common sense and a philosophy of life that has its fundamental basis for the wellbeing the inner hygiene.

Lady Di

However, like most of the ancient knowledge that is being "rediscovered" in current times, we are also witnessing a change of consciousness and waking up to the tremendous resurgence of interest in a healthy, ecological and natural hygiene practices such as colon hydrotherapy, due in part to the attraction that the technique produced in famous people such as the late Princess Diana of Wales (who received weekly colon hydrotherapy sessions and who recorded this in her bibliography), Kim Bassinger, Demi Moore, and of course, for the television coverage of the technique in the program "The Salon" on Channel 4 and on the ""Saber Vivir" program of RTVE1 in our country, where our director Iracema Serra has participated.

Colon hydrotherapy is a safe and effective method for cleaning accumulated organic matter, mucus deposits, parasites, gases, etc. in addition to providing an immediate state of peace and well-being at the end of the session.


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