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The team of engineers of the European Institute of Hydrotherapy of Colon® has implanted a system of unique, effective, healthy colon hydrotherapy without side effects: the Underwater Ultrasonic® Colon Hydrotherapy, a patented system, with registered trademark, for exclusive use in the European Institute of Hydrotherapy of Colon®, approved by the European Community and that complies with Directive 93/42 / EEC, of Class I Device, Type BF.

Ultrasonic Colon Hydrotherapy, unlike conventional colon hydrotherapy, acts through water by exerting a cellular massage that expands and contracts the cells of the colon tissues up to 3 million times per second, helping to release effectively the toxic load produced in the tissues of the colon by cellular metabolism.

The low intensity underwater ultrasound penetrates up to 3 cm, making its cleaning function deep, fast and effective in the internal tissues of the walls and folds of the colon. This technique makes the session more pleasurable and enjoyable by eliminating spasms and discomforts.


Ultrasounds are mechanical waves not audible by the human being that travel at a speed of 343 meters per second in the air. However, these waves in the water are displaced at 1480 meters per second. This property is the one that takes advantage of Ultrasonic Colon Hydrotherapy to get quickly and effectively to all corners of the colon, while exercising a healthy and effective cell massage by compressing and decompressing cells up to 3 million times per second , improving cellular oxygenation and benefiting internal tissues.


The Ultrasonic® Low-intensity Underwater Colon Hydrotherapy is a comfortable technique that makes colon hydrotherapy more pleasant and effective because by performing a micro cellular massage, in addition to avoiding muscle spasms, it makes the intestinal cleansing more thorough and effective . When the ultrasound moves through the water and does not have direct contact with the user, it lacks any type of secondary effect.

There is no doubt that the Ultrasonic Colon Hydrotherapy® is a point and apart in the world of intestinal hygiene, being comfortable, healthy, effective, and without any other side effect than deep well-being.


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