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Colon hydrotherapy is an odorless and colorless gratifying process. There are no risks or secondary effects to colon hydrotherapy for people who are in good health. Colon cleansing restores the body, helping one to feel healthier and happier.

Before beginning the treatment, the therapist gently inserts a small specula into the anal sphincter. Through one side, this specula permits purified, temperature controlled water to flow into the colon, and through the second side allows organic waste and material to be eliminated from the body.

If the client is a woman, she will be treated by a female therapist throughout the entire session so that she feels comfortable and safe. The same for males - if the client is a male, he will be treated by a male therapist.

At the end of your session ou will feel fantastic and leave feeling renewed and ready to accomplish your daily tasks.

How long does the session last?


There is no set time length for colon hydrotherapy sessions as each person is different and has varying needs depending on their anatomy, health habits and lifestyle.

At the European Institute of Colon Hydrotherapy® your satisfaction is our objective. Our services are unique and personalized and we continuously strive to adapt each session to the particular needs of individuals.

How many sessions are necessary?


Depending upon the goals, needs, lifestyle, culture and profession of a person, some people will practice colon hydrotherapy more frequently than others.

THE MODERN EQUIPMENT USED AT THE EUROPEAN INSTITUE OF COLON HYDROTHERAPY® reach the whole length of the colon from the first session

We use modern equipment that is unique from conventional enemas. While traditional enemas must be repeated a minimum of three times to clean the entire colon, our equipment utilizes the Full Withdraw and Gas Extraction systems which allow the whole length of the colon to be reached immediately. A profound, deep cleaning is accomplished, helping one feel more relaxed and healthier.

Furthermore, the equipment at the European Institute of Colon Hydrotherapy® has an electronic and computer control device that regulates disinfection, water flow, oxygen, temperature, automatic extraction and ensures that the water is purified, filtered and ozonated to facilitate the elimination of toxic material and waste.

Additionally, the European Institute of Colon Hydrotherapy® is the only center in Europe that has a natural, purified, ozone water plant as well as a triple filtration system.

Learn more by visiting the FACILITIES page.

Effects of the toxic waste on the colon


In our colon we find one of the main tools in the body in order to establish the proper balance of our general health: the dispose of the waste.

The colon, the liver and the kidneys must be always kept in optimal hygienic conditions with the adecuate eating habits.

From the colon the bloods full of nutrients will go straight to our organs, and from these to the rest of the bloodstream, reaching the different parts of the body. Depending ont the blood's quality, thus will result our state of health.

A colon who's functioning does not allow the proper absorption of the nutrients will not be able to provide of them to the rest of the organism, simply because it won't absorb them. The colon will be saturated of toxins, won't be able to separate them from the nutrients, and therefore our body will start to suffer an autotoxicity which will result on the development of diseases and the appearence of unbalance symptoms in our health.

In addition, the colon is a reflex organ which is directly connected with the rest of the organs and systems of our body. The faeces and toxins accumulated in the large intestine will cause the development of undesirable bacteria with its consequent disorder. The defences of the organism will suffer a drop, showing a weakened inmune system.

Therefore, if you suffer constipation check your eating habits and sanitize your colon; your body will thank you.


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