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what is colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy is a life philosophy, a method to understand health through internal hygiene. It is practiced in developed countries and is based in the understanding that health depends on proper nutrition and proper internal hygiene.

Colon hydrotherapy is a painless, odorless, safe and effective method to eliminate organic matter that has accumulated and adhered to the walls and folds of the colon.

Intense intestinal cleansing is the most ideal way to maintain a colon in optimal working condition. Amongst its’ many functions, the colon is the main site where waste is dumped. Maintaining good colon hygiene is one of the fundamental pillars of well-being and while colon cleansing is essential to good internal health, proper nutrition is the first step to improving one’s overall wellbeing. Proper nutrition and good internal hygiene will be reflected in your skin, your physical body, and in every aspect of your general wellbeing, from your energy levels to sleep patterns. By providing your body with healthy, you supply it with the means to support all functions of the body and a healthy life.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that colon hydrotherapy alone will not resolve all constipation problems. Good health depends on much more-intake of proper nutrients, water, and emotional harmony.

¿Para quien es?


Colon cleansing is suitable for people who are in good health and who understand that both good internal hygiene and proper nutrition are essential to wellness. It is important to remember that what you eat is used by your body to build and repair tissues. You must give your body the proper nutrients it requires in order to carry out its many biological processes.

Colon hydrotherapy is the modern replacement for enema and laxatives. While these traditional methods have been used for years with excellent results, modern colon cleansing offers many more advantages such as being more hygienic, safe and effective.

Colon cleansing alone, however, will not resolve all pathological disorders; it is is only one part in improving one’s health. Furthermore, colon cleansing alone absolutely will not solve all constipation and skin problems nor bodily aches and pains. Overcoming health issues and achieving a state of bodily equilibrium, requires taking full responsibility of one’s health through changing lifestyle and diet habits.

Adequate intake of water and fresh fruit and vegetable juices will lead to visible improvements in complexion. Within only a few days, your skin can appear younger and more hydrated and you can feel more energetic and enthusiastic. Changes in complexion are important markers of one’s overall health as skin health reflects the overall wellbeing of the internal body.

Your skin will reflect your lifestyle. If your colon, liver or kidneys are overburdened by the habits of a modern and industrialized diet and a poor intake of water, your skin will show impurities, spots, dryness or premature aging. As mentioned previously, colon cleansing will not alone be effective to purge the body if you do not have the will to implement the right healthy changes, beginning with an abundant intake of water, fruits and fresh vegetables.

For people with digestive disorders, an inflamed colon, constipation, swollen belly, and/or gas, colon hydrotherapy will not help you if you fail to adopt a healthy lifestyle and eating habits that help you properly hydrate your bowel and stimulate cleansing processes. The maintenance of a healthy, well-nourished lifestyle will help maintain intestinal bacterial balance and allow you to enjoy an optimal state of health and wellbeing.

¿Cuánto dura la sesión?


There is no set time length for colon hydrotherapy sessions as each person is different and has varying needs depending on their anatomy, health habits and lifestyle.

At the European Institute of Colon Hydrotherapy© your satisfaction is our objective. Our services are unique and personalized and we continuously strive to adapt each session to the particular needs of individuals.

¿Cuántas sesiones son necesarias?


Depending upon the goals, needs, lifestyle, culture and profession of a person, some people will practice colon hydrotherapy more frequently than others.

We use modern equipment that is unique from conventional enemas. While traditional enemas must be repeated a minimum of three times to clean the entire colon, our equipment utilizes the Full Withdraw and Gas Extraction systems which allow the whole length of the colon to be reached immediately. A profound, deep cleaning is accomplished, helping one feel more relaxed and healthier.

Furthermore, the equipment at the European Institute of Colon Hydrotherapy© has a a electronic and computer control device that regulates disinfection, water flow, oxygen, temperature, automatic extraction and ensures that the water is purified, filtered and ozonated to facilitate the elimination of toxic material and waste.

Additionally, the European Institute of Colon Hydrotherapy© is the only center in Europe that has a natural, purified, ozone water plant as well as a triple filtration system.

Learn more by watching this video: OUR FACILITIES at the European Institute of Colon Hydrotherapy© in Madrid.


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