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Colon hydrotherapy ethics


The work of the European Institute of Colon Hydrotherapy® is rooted in the following work ethic principals:

Actions, not only words

Every employee maintains a firm commitment to a good personal and work ethics. Although not legally-binding, our code of ethics establishes standards of behavior that are regulated internally, practiced with enthusiasm, and upheld by our personal beliefs and a strong commitment to the principles and values established.

Our code of ethics is more than just that, a code; it is our philosophy of life and forms an integral part of our personal and professional lives. The award given to the European Institute of Colon Hydrotherapy reflects our thirty-three years of dedication to our work, our clients all over the world.

Por lo tanto, el comportamiento ético en el Instituto Europeo de Hidroterapia de Colon® no es una opción, es nuestra filosofía de vida y forma parte integral de nuestra conducta personal y profesional. Y el premio ha sido la confianza que el público de 5 continentes ha depositado en nosotros a lo largo de más de 33 años de actividad.

Our code of ethics is in accordance with the law and general rules and regulations, all of which are of the highest standards. We promise that all information offered is accurate, honest, truthful, and factual..

Information would never be omitted nor given in a such a way that it could mislead you or cause you to make a wrong a decision.

We work with the hope and desire to offer you a unique and unforgettable decision and deeply appreciate the trust you place in us.


Our goal as professionals is to help each individual gain a deeper understanding of the functioning of their organism. We provide information based on our personal and professional experience in order to help them better enjoy a state of happiness and inner well-being.

The profound state of peace of well-being immediately produced by colon hydrotherapy will only last a short period of time if not maintained by healthy diet and lifestyle habits.


We neither sell nor recommend supplements and a number of hydrotherapy sessions needed to our clients. These decisions are always based on the personal needs of each individual.

We only advise that in order to truly achieve a true state of health and well-being, one must be committed to their health. Optimal well-being depends on one’s own discipline and self-awareness.


We follow a rigorous schedule, always working to accommodate our clients and to be punctual. As we respect your time and do not keep anyone waiting, we ask that our clients also be punctual.

We dedicate our time and attention to providing excellent services and answering any doubts or questions you may have and to making any changes should they be necessary.

We guarantee that your colon hydrotherapy session will be an unique and unforgettable experience of well-being..

Furthermore, we are always accessible by telephone.


All the disposables used in the European Institute of Hydrotherapy of Colon® are selected seeking maximum quality, in raw material, in design, and in the final product. All of the products that come into contact with the person during the session are free of PHTHALATES (polluting substances present in the majority of plastic products that accumulate in our body and that are associated with numerous health problems).

All the clothes used for your session are sterilized and are for a single use only. We use 100% natural cotton sheets, towels, towels and bathrobe, avoiding at all times the use of all synthetic material during your stay in our facilities.

Further, all of the scents you will encounter in our facilities are 100% natural. We do not use chemical air fresheners nor synthetic aromas as your health and wellbeing is of the highest importance to us.

At the European Institute of Colon Hydrotherapy®, water quality is also a priority. We are the only colon hydrotherapy center in Europe that has a biological industrial plant for purification, naturalization, ozonation, and ionization of water. We carry out daily internal water quality controls and regular external audits in specialized water quality laboratories with ISO Quality certification to guarantee all our visitors a water of maximum purity.

Many thanks for your trust and confidence in us!


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